A thank you letter from students

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Judul : A thank you letter from students
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A thank you letter from students

One of the pleasures of teaching lexically is when you see your students starting to incorporate into their speech and writing lexical chunks studied in class - albeit not always appropriately. Here is a thank you letter I recently received from my students at the end of a course.

Reproduced here verbatim

How many years have you been our teacher? Actually, we really don't know, what we know is that you are our best teacher and we love you admire you and want you to be our teacher forever.

It is not easy to teach three old persons for so many years, but you don’t try to get rid of us you don't stick to rules or concept except collocations. You try every year to come up with new approach, a new method, and new ideas. You do a lot that every lesson will be uplifting and a little bit heavy. You have the talent to get through to your students about the importance of remembering the collocations. We all get on with each other very well and there's never a dull moment with you.

For the next year we all promise to:

Crack down on coming late to the lesson 
Resist the temptation of not doing homework
Bring to class pastry for every lesson 

And go over and over the all collocation during the vacation so we'll come perfectly ready for the New Year.

Can you spot the collocations we've been looking at with the students?

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